Health Care


Advancing Health Care Solutions into the Modern Era

Osprey TSI facilitates national efforts to improve the quality of health care with solutions focusing on; delivery, electronic medical records, enhancing public health, and improving emergency responses. Our efforts advance health care systems and help modernize treatments for government employees and civilians alike



Developing Advanced Solutions to Modern Issues

Leveraging our vast experience in both public and private sectors, Osprey provides systems engineering and technical expertise throughout all phases of a program life cycle. From conception to engineering and design, implementation and through operations, we are there supporting you. Here are a few areas of expertise


The United States is widely known as the ‘land of opportunity’. As an organization, Osprey TSI focuses on empowering the underprivileged and the disadvantaged. We proudly declare to hold several federal classifications that align with the core of our country’s values.

While Osprey qualifies for several ‘disadvantaged’ designations, we believe that our designations are actually at the core of our strengths. Our team is composed of individuals from every background and is a greater representation of our country’s population. Leveraging the diversity of our team, we are able to tap into greater knowledge and insight. Ultimately, we produce superior solutions while uplifting every group within our country.

Osprey News


Osprey Technology Solution Inc. is proud to announce another award presented by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, a five (5) year ordering period to provide Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring (IONM) Services. Congratulations to our team members! We look forward to a successful relationship with the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System (CAVHCS), John L. McClellan Memorial […]

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Osprey TSI Makes a Difference

When our government thrives, we all thrive. As a result, it is Osprey’s mission to support the government’s objectives by providing intelligent solutions. We eliminate inefficiencies and essentially allow our government’s resources to extend further and help larger groups of people. We do so while complying with all laws, regulations, policies, and audit requirements. When you choose Osprey, rest assured that you’re partnering with the leading provider of tomorrow’s solutions…brought to you today!